Delivery Dash - A revisited and expanded version of Delivery Driver

After finishing the course, I wanted to try and create my own thing. Well, I decided a nice stepping stone would be to return to one (or some) of the projects that I did and expand on them to turn them more into a game. I thought Delivery Driver was especially lacking so I went back and added in some of my own ideas to the mix. I learned a lot putting this little game together. It may not be the best thing out there but I am fairly proud of what I was able to make.

Here’s my game if you’d like to try it out. And if so, then any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time!


Congratulations on your game! :partying_face:

Thank you! Already planning out and starting the next one!

Your game looks good! How did you share the game :thinking:?

Thanks! And has a site called where you can post your creations.

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Thank you for the help!

Really cool game.

Kinda hard and there are some issues with the collisions, I got stuck…

The easiest way to solve this would be to add a reset button to go back to the start, only usable when there’s no velocity so people don’t exploit it like a teleportation cheat or something, perhaps only usable when colliding with two different objects. I don’t know, just some random ideas to fix that.

@Adrian_Segundo You can upload games to many sites, if you want to build a portfolio I highly suggest using either or, you can also upload to Unity’s learning site but not many people use it for portfolio purposes.


Thank you for the feedback!

I knew that there were definitely points in which you could get stuck. However, you’re absolutely right about adding in a reset button. I can’t believe that I overlooked such a simple solution.

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How did you do the arrow?
Would love to take a look at your source… do you have a github repo?

To be honest…I don’t remember. However, I do know that I got it from a YT tutorial. Not sure what I searched for but I’m sure if you looked for ‘objective arrow’ or something to that effect then you’ll find the video talking about it.

And no, unfortunately, I don’t have the source anymore. Thanks for the interest though!

Crazy :sweat_smile: You made an interface too! Well done!

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