Deleting saved files


I’ve been trying to find the save file created using the save system but it’s not showing up at all. I copy in the route shown in the inspector into my file explorer and nothing comes up.


There is a quirk in the way the path is put together by Unity… which allows it to still work for Unity but fail when typed into the Explorer…
For example: Here’s what the game reports for my save file:
C:/Users/mnemo/AppData/LocalLow/DefaultCompany/RPG Project\save.sav
But the folder structure requires forward slashes, not back slashes…
I’ve found it’s easiest to navigate the struture one folder at a time manually in the explorer

This is pretty common in C# generally, the mish-mash of slash types for a file URI. I’d say from experience it seems to borrow this behavior from java’s design (java is a few years older than C# and a lot of inspiration was drawn from it).

Another member has posted this thread (thanks to Heath) with a solution that will help translate the path into a single slash-styled value that is friendly to your particular OS, allowing you to more easily copy/paste the filepath as was suggested in the video:

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