Defender Zero

Hi guys,

I’m really excited about sharing my latest creation thanks to the great insights shared through this section.

The ships are all iterations of the same ship template with the only difference between the player and enemies being a separate ship controller script.

Let me know how you found the balance of the game, it’s surprisingly difficult to get it challenging yet fun.

If anyone is interested in the script I’ll be happy to share.

Happy building :+1:

It’s really nice! I like the buff system! But after a while it’s really easy - try to decrease the chance of droping those buffs. Also, the endgame score appears always to be 0 :frowning:
Hope it helped! :slight_smile:

I like what you did to the HUD.
As for the gameplay balance - I think the enemy bullets are too slow. And maybe if enemies had lower health then the game would be more dynamic?
Also - I’m not a fan of those dashing stars in the background - I slowed them down considerably in my game. They’re so distracting, but should really be just a background. But that applies to most of the Laser Defenders I’ve seen here, since that’s the way it had been done by the course instructor.

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