DefaultPawn Meshcomponente has Mass!

So, this is not a bug per se, since I could find it easly, but I could be anoing.

So, the MeshComponente in the dfPawn has a non-zero value that is added to the ColiderComponent´s Mass by GetMass() method.

My question is:

Is Actor->FindComponentByClass() calling twice, one for each component, or only once and adding the value in GetMass()?


I ran into the same issue, which actually became a problem, because I had to worry setting the Mass Scale on the Physics Category to zero, so the MeshComponent doesn’t interfere with the weight of the DefaultPawn, which add to the total mass of the pressure plate. However, I don’t know if this can generate potential problems. Also, if I do that, it still adds some mass to the total weight of the pawn (0.490593 to be precise). If I want a precise number, I have to add mass to both components

For example, if I want my Defaut Pawn to be 70 kg, I have to put 60 kg on the CollisionComponent, and 10 on the MeshComponent. If I put 70 kg on the CollisionComponent and 0 on the MeshComponent, the result weirdly becomes 70.490593

I would like to know if there’s a “solution” for this “issue”.

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