Default palette does match what is shown in the video


When I downloaded the resource for the default palette, this is what I got. My first color is transparent not black.

Hi mcgranpa,

Thank-you for posting an image of the palette that you had when you downloaded the resource from the course.
It looks like that it has lost its alpha for some odd reason.
When you select the transparent color does the hex value below the colour picker still say #000000 ?

If it doesnt can you try changing it to that and see if it fixes the issue.


Hello! I downloaded it too. The alpha color is the first color for me, and it is RGB 0 0 0 hex #000000

Opened up the image and the first color is definitely missing. It isn’t an import issue.

We have updated the file it may not have been uploaded yet.
I have asked about this and will chase this on Monday to see if we can get the files resolved.

Thank you for all the feedback. I thought I was doing something wrong or there was a bug with Aseprite. I edited the first color and changed the alpha to 255 and saved the palette. That fixed it so I can use the colors as the video. I think you can do the same with Librespite. I need to find some good tutorials that focus on using the features of Aseprite. Aseprite does have a feature that will outline your sprite for you.

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