Deeper understanding of code

According to the explanations, the code behind the scenes in the methods here is quite dense. Would you say it would be worth diving through that to gain a greater understanding of how all of this works out?

I’m torn.

If I say yes, you’ll bombard the forum with dozens of beginner questions.

If I say no, I’d have lied.

As for the code being dense, it has some lower intermediate/higher beginner level coding. Nothing super hard for anyone with a basic understanding of unity and C#. Most people get through it with one or two questions.

I didn’t say I didn’t understand it, I said I wanted to understand it more in-depth.

Maybe you can point me to a good resource where I don’t have to ask so many questions?

I don’t think you do, but I’d be delighted to be proven wrong.

What I suggest from here on, instead of posting half baked questions, create a topic of discussion where you start by saying what you understand on the topic.

You’re supposed to ask questions. The issue isn’t the questions. The issue is you come here and you require the poor teaching assistants to spoon feed you in crayon. Never ever have I seen this and the person succeed at programming.

Programmers need to learn how to solve problems. Think through the problems and come up with a solution. It doesn’t mean you get it right every time. It does mean that you have to have an honest shot at it by yourself first. This is where you learn.

It doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help. We all need help from time to time. Becomming dependent on your teaching assistants isn’t fair on you and isn’t fair on the TAs.

That being said, the answer to the question is google. It really is. For the most part, it has the answers to every question, but as I said in another thread, you gotta learn to ask better questions.

I’m betting this will fall on deaf ears and you’ll continue to post whatever question pops into your head.

I would strongly recommend getting a stronger understanding of the code in the Core Combat course first. The behind the scenes code in this course is advanced for true intermediate users, and while the course shows you how to use the assets, you’ll need a strong understanding of the core syntax of C#, as well as a strong understanding of structs, Dictionaries, delegates/events, and more.

I want you to succeed. I have a vested interest in your success. That’s why I recommend taking things in order and getting a better understanding of the language.

Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. I have gone back and I am studying it in more detail now, I have done some coding practice before.

I’m ok with people telling me I need to learn more - in fact I appreciate it - as long as it’s polite. I appreciate your attention.

I’m attempting to build a small game first, as well as revising some of my previous courses. The jargon confuses me more than anything - sometimes I encounter things I have already learnt under a different name.

In any case I have stopped the RPG Core at the point at which it’s not moving.

If you need to either ask questions or look up solutions, you need to learn the correct terminology, aka jargon.

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