Dedicated Godot server course

Hi, all! I recently stumbled on the Godot multiplayer course, and would like to propose a course that will not only cover the basics of multiplayer in Godot, but also:

how to package a dedicated server
optimal routing for dedicated servers
hosting dedicated servers
edit: to avoid ensuing costs for the students, some free VPS could be used?

it could be creating a casual .io style game, with no server-side persistence or anything fancy.

any thoughts on this?

Totally, I would also be interested in this

I would be interested in this as well. Also some advanced topics such as CSP or even lag compensation would be epic.

Hey! Your idea for a Godot multiplayer course sounds really practical and fun. Packaging a dedicated server and understanding optimal routing are key skills, especially for .io style games. I once tackled a similar project and found that using a free VPS was a great way to keep costs down while learning.

Considering offshore hosting options could also be smart, particularly for students looking to explore different server setups without breaking the bank. It’s something I looked into when setting up game servers for a side project.

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