Dedicated Course to Unity Game Physics

A game genre I have been interested in making for a while is Sports games, particularly ones that involve a ball like Tennis or a puck like Ice Hockey. However, so far I haven’t seen a course dedicated for Unity that goes from the basics to intermediate.

I imagine students that are interested in making 3D based games in Unity would enjoy a course that explains in detail how to make objects move, stop, float, or even break apart. Some examples of popular games that rely on physics include Rocket League, Portal (1 & 2), Fall Guys, and Golf With Your Friends (or Golf It).

Some things I would like to learn for a course like this would be:

  • Make an object bounce like a Soccer or Tennis ball
  • Make an object slide but slow down like a hockey puck on ice
  • Make an object break when enough force runs into it
  • Add velocity or force to an object when the object touches another object
  • Add velocity or force to an object if the object is pressing a hotkey
  • Longer the hotkey is pressed the more velocity is added when hotkey is released
  • Object only moves if it is touching a player hitbox while pressing a hotkey

Mini Project Ideas for this could probably include:

  • 3D Pong (A classic game of Pong but on a 3D Scale)
  • Target Practice (Throw / Kick a ball into a target that breaks when it hits it)
  • Curling / Shuffleboard (Control the aim and power an object has, and try to slide it onto a target)
  • Just Tap It In (Player is a putter, and the player must whack the ball to a target)
  • Mini Soccer game (1 AI goalie that follows the ball but stays in the net. 1 AI defender that only tries to steal the ball from you. Players objective is to get around the defender, and score a goal)

While most of my ideas in the examples are sports based, I am sure there are other potential ideas on how to make a course dedicated to Unity physics of objects that can be more generalized for other genres.

I agree! It definitely would be nice to have additional features that are thought, however I have a place you might like:

If you specifically go to the pathways there is a creative core that has lots of stuff from the looks side of things, and then there’s also virtual reality stuff. On top of this there are hundreds of hours of small things you can learn thought by world class instructors, maybe give it a go?

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try taking another look around Unity Learn and see if I can find anything.

But in all honesty I feel the reason I’d prefer a Gamedev dedicated course themselves is because it’d have it all in 1 place and it feels more linear on how to do things from beginner to an intermediate.

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Yeah I agree, I always thought the same thing, but I saw that unity learn has these pathways that are the same structure as GDTV, they are called pathways:

Once you click on a pathway you’ll be taken to a tutorial system similar to gamedev tv I actually had to search around quite a bit before finding this, but I was impressed when I did, they also give you quite a bit of free assets, so that’s a plus too.

The creative core I think is great, just scroll down and you’ll see all of the material,

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