Decorations to background scene


Adding in the apartment blocks in the background added some depth and I put in (my best attempt) at a van thats been set on fire. This would give the scene some movement as the flame could be animated.
Also added some railings along the edge of the player space to greater seperate this out.


Now the flames are from bottom to top.
If they were a bit right to left, then maybe more motion?

Also adding horizontal stripes after (left side) of the car gives motion to it.


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The car itself isn’t supposed to be moving as this is a background element, not what you control.

I like the idea of the flames creeping up for the engine in the front to the roof so if i were to animate it I’d give a more of a wave to the flames from right to left. I’d probably make the car a bit more beat up as well, more a burnt out wreck than what it currently looks like which is a car with a campfire on top of it.

Something to potentially come back to in the future.


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