Debugger Errors

When the 5th enemy reaches the base and the scene reloads we get the error: get_global_transform: Condition “!is_inside_tree()” is true. Returning: Transform3D(). You can see Bram is getting the same errors @11:30. I am guessing this will be addressed in a future lecture, but how about an explanation of what’s going on here?

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This is an internal Godot error i think and so not something we do need to worry about as it will likely be fixed in a later version.
Occasionally you will get these errors that pop up in different versions and we can just safely clear them.

I will highlight this to Bram so we can see if we can make mention of it in the course so we have addressed it :slight_smile:
Thanks for highlighting it as i did notice this and clear forgot to note it in my reviewing so this served as a reminder which i would have caught later.


I am getting this error too in the latest Godot v4.1.3 Stable Official. Under closer inspection, it happens exactly when “get_tree().reload_current_scene()” is called. This error won’t happen if I comment that line, which confirms that’s when it happens. It raises the exception 3 times every time the scene is reloaded.

Hope this helps.

Bram addressed this later in the lecture “Ending the Game.” For those who are bothered by the errors like I was, check the Path Local box on all the CSGPolygons in the EnemyPath node. (or watch the beginning of that lecture for his explanation)


Will do, thank you!

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