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Hi - I am using (I think) Unity 2018.3 on windows. Cannot find the Debug option Ben meneionned in 6.13. Anyone can help?

Hi Dani,

If you are referring to what I think you are, right-click on the Inspector tag, literally where it says “Inspector” and on the context menu that appears select “Debug”.


You’ll then see the Inspector displaying many more fields/properties.

Hope this helps, if you were referring to something else please let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks - i cannot check ik now, because something went wrong… I just see the part of the game in blue…

CCould you please help…?

I’m sorry Dani, I don’t understand what you’re asking?

  • why can’t you check it? Stop the game, right-click on the Inspector, select Debug?
  • what went wrong?
  • the blue is the cameras default background, looking at your Hierarchy your WM2000 GameObject looks like it’s disabled, this would probably be why you’re not seeing the monitor/console the WM2000 provides.

Ok… How do I enable it? I’ve tried exit Unity, didn’t solve the problem…

Where did the Monitor go…?

The Debug part worked out well ! Thnaks a lot!

Select the WM2000 GameObject in the Hierarchy, then, in the Inspector you’ll see a small tickbox at the top, at the moment it probably isn’t ticked, tick it to enable it. Do this without the game running.

Its not being displayed because the GameObject is disabled.

I am sorry making you crazy… What and where is the tickbox you’ve mentionned?.


Thank you soooo much - i feel really stupid…
Now it seems to work, but with an enormous terminal. How do I get it the right size?

You’re very welcome, no need to feel stupid, these things will always be unfamiliar when you learn something new :slight_smile:

Regarding the size, if you look at the top of the Game view you’ll see a Scale slider, you current have it set to 2.18x, drag that to the left until its at about 1x - you’re just zoomed in effectively.

Allright! Be blessed for all your help!


Thank you, and you’re very welcome Dani :slight_smile:

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