Debug Line Doesn't Match SweepSingleByChannel?

I’m a bit confused here, maybe it’s because the Sweep Isn’t the same as a Line Trace but the difference was never really explained. Anyway, The DrawDebugLine stops short of the target and yet the Sweep is hitting just fine.

I’m not understanding why the DebugLine doesn’t seem to reflect that of the other…

I think maybe the DrawDebugLine is stopping when it hits the player since it’s not using a custom trace channel as opposed to the other where I am using a custom trace channel? I don’t think the DrawDebugLine stops when it hits something though, or that it even uses a trace channel since it’s simply drawing a line.

I am a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I must have completely forgot this was a sphere trace we were doing; the sweep threw me off. It triggers before it gets there because of the sphere’s radius, and I was manually adjusting the length it needed to hit a target.

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