Debug Camera is facing the wrong way

So when I implement the Debug Camera it is facing the opposite way to the direction my gun is facing.
So If I rotate the gun by 180 the gun spawns in with the barrel towards the player but the debug camera is facing in the correct direction.

My character is inline with the collision capsule and is pointing in the direction of the blue arrow.

Any help as to why as always much appreciated.

can you post your gun code

I moved on and now I am just getting the DebugPoints spawning behind me when I fire :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure that would be because you’re hitting your character. A future lecture goes over how to ignore actors in a line trace.

Hi Dan,
Do you mean my Line trace is hitting my character ?
When you do the camera from the viewport point of view it shows the correct direction. So that is when I pressed on thinking that might be what you had mentioned in another post to someone else. But then when it came to the DebugPoint they are now appearing behind my character ?? Very confusing. I will continue to that lesson and either close out this or get back in touch :slight_smile:

Ok… Have just completed the LineTrace challenge in lesson “LineTrace by Channel” and my debug points are now spawning in the correct position.

Closing Tickets
Thanks Philx and Dan

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