Death anim

Can we just use death animation instead of ragdoll?
Because I am using animals also as enemies and ragdoll is weird when my AI dies. Would animation look bad if I did it that way?

I don’t think it will look bad at all. Ragdolls are just an easy way to get away with not implementing a death animation, imo. If you have a death animation that works, use that.

In the course you are learning to create a nice character controller. You can certainly use what you’ve learned and turn it into something you want. In one of my tests I have a ragdoll, but I have zombie enemies and when I die the enemies goes into a feeding state and jump on my corpse, and start ripping at my body. I abandoned the test without ever getting their exact positions right, but it did look a little savage

The Ragdoll lessons are because they can be a popular option for deaths. That’s completely optional, and there’s nothing wrong with using death animations.

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