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Sorry to say, I’ve run into countless dead ends, and errors in this section, with no real understanding of how to correct them, or what to even look at as to why they are errors. Aside from recreating the entire model and doing a MUCH more careful job of topology, I feel my lessons have come to an abrupt, and unfinished end.
I will, of course, be continuing to try to learn, but this model I have been following along with is suddenly feeling worthless, and inoperable.
I’m pretty sure it’s the topology.
I’m not even sure how to describe the countless issues I’m having trying to unwrap, and align textures. I follow your settings suggestions, I change ray distance, everything, and the result is always a messy jagged black and white, virtually unrecognizable model.

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Well up to you if you are feeling frustrated and do not want to try to find a solution. I am sure people here would try to help if you show us what the state of things are.


I agree with NP5!
If you show your work regularly, box model, first level, sculpting, before retopo … etc.
Then we can see early mistakes and correct them before it gets ugly.

Sometimes students do too much at the first stages of the process.
Because it’s fun and you can do it.
Others choose to use their own models.
These lessons are not about how to make a simple Orc.
But to learn and understand the process for modeling with the sculpt tool.
If you master these lessons, then apply this new knowledge to a model of your own.

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I’ve conveyed me meaning poorly, apologies.
I’m not giving up. But I am at a complete dead end.
I cannot imagine any simple fixes based on everything I’ve learned, and thus I need to turn around, and backtrack, I believe significantly.

I suppose my major mistake, as someone mentioned, was not sharing my progress along the way.
I will certainly attempt to share what I’m working with in my complete model rebuild, so keep an eye out for that.

As for the model I’ve got, I’ll try to figure out how to share it.
I’m not sure what to ask, or what to show to get the help you’re offering, but I’d certainly appreciate any additional advice or information.

I have, absolutely, learned a lot about modeling, but there’s more here I want to learn, and it IS frustrating to not be able to continue the course without basically doing a large section of it over again.
I’d appreciate an available teacher edition model to follow along with, perhaps.

Maybe that exists and I missed it.
Unfortunately most of the time when the video says a resource is available, I scroll down and there’s nothing there for me.

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There is not a finished version model to download. Having a copy of the end result would not really help anyway in how to get there yourself. Its like having a cooked meal on a plate does not show you how to prepare and cook it.

Starting sections again is common, it is often easier the next time round.

Give full screenshots with any work posted With the relevant panels open.

This can be done by Blender itself, via the ‘Window’ menu bar top left hand side. On that menu drop down is ‘save screenshot’.

Such information will aid those who will help you spot problems. Even just posting the progress of each session you do or stage you complete in a thread, even if it went well can still get encouragement or help if something looks not quite right.

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I understand what you’re saying with your cooking analogy, but I disagree, and to explain, I’ll extend your analogy.
Your right. Having a cooked meal would not teach me how to cook it, but cooking a meal isn’t this entire course. The next part of the class would be, I guess, serving the meal. Except now I have no meal to serve.
For me, it would be helpful to have a dish from another person to continue along in the class. It helps me understand the workflow, and not get overwhelmed with tedious errors and frustrations, while continuing to learn.
After finishing, there’s no question that I’d return to areas where I got stuck, and try to finish my own model properly, with an even better understanding of the end results I’m looking for.
Frankly, I don’t see why anyone would argue that that’s… Wrong.

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