Dead alien does not stop rotating

This question was already asked and solved twice under this lesson, but their solution does not work: AI Actor Continues Rotating after Character Movement has been Disabled

The output pins of the “AI MoveTo” are simply never executed. “On Success” never executes, “On Fail” only executes when I leave the nav mesh. I deactivate the Character Movement component when the alien attacks or dies, but the “AI MoveTo” function seems to just run continuously, so the delay will never be triggered and I can’t run the check whether the alien is alive.

Using UE 4.27.2.

edit: Eh, nevermind. The solution in the other 2 threads is actually shown in the video at 11:15, and the piece I was missing is shown within the last 30 seconds. The “Stop Movement Immediately” function triggers the “On Fail” pin. I was a bit hasty because I saw more threads about this bug and assumed it’s not resolved in the lesson.

I’m glad a solution was found for you. Another thing to note is we may sometimes leave bugs in and then address them in a later video, though we’ll usually tell you in advance.

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I see. It happened in earlier parts of the course, but those bugs were not immediately noticable or even seemed like intended behavior to me.
I generally enjoyed the course a lot though and I learned a lot of useful tools I wish I had known earlier! Looking forward to diving into the next course.