Deactivate, Illuminate, and Blink Challenges

Hello all,

Here is a feedback video documenting me solving these challenges:

  • How long did these challenges take you: 30 minutes
  • Was there anything that didn’t make sense or was confusing: After completing the challenges, I read other’s feedback. I agree with the confusion on the Deactivate telepad. Once I deactivated the telepad, the code for all the other challenges wouldn’t run. This ended up really confusing me when I discovered that my Coroutine was seemingly not executing the code after yield return new WaitForSeconds() had passed. I ended up figuring out that it was due to the game object being deactivated while the Coroutine was running. So, I moved the Deactivate gameobject code to the end of the Coroutine. In hindsight, I should have deactivated the collider of the telepad so that the whole thing didn’t disappear altogether (I see that this is how others solved the problem). Hey, I’m learning :).

The other confusion I had was why there were two world lights… I ended up just deleting the second one, as the first one was already passed into the telepad scripts through the inspector. I assume that maybe this was just done to make editing easier?

  • Did you find any errors or showstopping issues with the project file: Still getting this jump.cs warning upon opening the project. At one point while playing with the jump, my player fell through the floor, which I have also read in some other player’s feedback.
  • Were the challenges too easy, just right, or too difficult: Just right. I felt more confident with these.
  • What suggestions do you have for improvement: No suggestions, all good :).