Damge Text and Argo


Any ideas would help please.

When game starts All Characters have Damage Text Spawner with Damage Text object under it.
All disappear directly after start up.
Debug in the spawner procedure shows it trys to spawn … but the object sterilized at beginning has been destroyed right at start. ( I can tell because I pause game and see Damage Spawner still there with NOW an empty Damage Text (The object damage text is gone) Unity 2019


The other problem i have is the Argo behavior enemies do not run at player after being hit


Can you post a screenshot of what you mean by the Damage Text Object under it?

The Damage Text Spawner shouldn’t have any child objects. It should have a script (DamageTextSpawner) with a field for the DamageText Prefab. This should be linked to the DamageText Prefab in your assets folder, not as a gameobject under the Spawner or anywhere within the scene itself.

This may be the issue that you’re having with the Damage Text.