Dabbling with Blender Sculpting

Been playing around with Blender sculpting, started to block out a caracature model of Dani Devito of all people, seemed to have an interesting shape to learn from :slight_smile:
added in a couple of reference images, one as a straight reference the other as a highlight for facial features to exaggerate

heres me just starting tonight, so thought I would share as i go


ok time to call it quits on this one. done a bit more this morning. cant spend too much time on a learning exercise so going to keep moving forward.

Unfortunately my Danny De Vito is starting to look alot more like Christopher Biggins of all people lol

if your of a certain age you’ll know who that is and can see it, heh :slight_smile:

Learned alot from doing this and good fun, just time consuming, couple of hours for this attempt


This looks great! Can’t believe it only took a couple hours. Hopefully I can sculpt faces pretty well by the end of the course. :stuck_out_tongue:


Tried my hand at another one over the last couple of days. guess i just need to keep practicing and hope it gets easier the more I do it. But that said, it was a fun few days working on it.

still lots I could have done looking at it now, theres a few things that arent right, but, long as i can see it, time to move onwards…


These are somewhat fantastic Daz, not sure how I missed your first posts, sorry… really nice work!

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Cheers Rob :slight_smile:

the tablet (same one you got) is working a treat and really nice to use with Blender. even after a short time using it for sculpting its starting to feel alot more natural than when i was using the mouse.

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Oooh thats good to hear. I had actually started playing with Blender myself before I saw your post. After gettibg shouty about the insane nunber of slidey additional windows it can seemingly create, I made a - well - I dont think it actually has a name… kinda spiky potato type of thing :smiley:

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Nice one :slight_smile:
yeah, once you get around the initial mind boggling and mad interface, it gets enjoyable, like that feeling of playing with lego again making box primitive things.

there is a heck of alot of options, i still find myself accidentally pressing shortcut keys that do something, and cant figure out what i pressed to reverse it.

Yeah, I’m kinda experiencing that pain… lol… the worst one so far was not saving my work, only to then shut the lid on the laptop, come back the next day and find that it rebooted itself… desktop icons all re-arranged (thanks Microsoft) but work gone… thankfully that led me to find the “recovery” options! :smiley:

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looks great! :slight_smile:

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