CYOS - What Happened Last Night

You wake up on a floor in a trashed room and you have no idea where you are or how you get here. Your head hurts, you feel both hungry and sick. Long story short - you have hell of a hangover. You tap your pockets and cannot find your keys, wallet or phone. You must find them and learn what happened last night.

There is mayhem in the room, pile of clothes on the ground next to a couch, bottles and cups everywhere and furniture tossed around the place. Then, you see someone on the couch and slowly walk up to them. You call them, but they do not answer you. The closer you get to that couch, the more you know that something is wrong. You come around and look at that person, but… it is only a mannequin.

Suddenly, you hear a phone calling somewhere in the room. You don’t recognize the ringtone, but try to locate the phone - hey, it might be a clue - but then you hear someone pounding on the door.

1- find and answer the phone,
2- answer the door first,
3- ignore both and look around more.

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