CYOQ: Fantasy Story Draft

Ok, guess it’s time to get out of the closet. Here goes nothing.

Game Theme

Heroic-Dark Fantasy

TLDR: A caste of warrior-mages enter a long forgotten fortress in search of an artifact. Some curse related to that item had struck the fortress and it’s Lord, so the place they’re exploring is now a home of monstrosities and a cult that worships an ancient malevolent god… The party (and player)'s objective is to find the artifact before the cult eventually finds it first as disaster will strike if the powerful trinket falls in the wrong hands.

The player takes the role of the newest and youngest member of the party. For better or worse, after an ambush they’re split up from their friends and find themselves into the darkest depths of the fortress’ dungeons.

Goal of the game moment is to survive, preserve against incredible odds and push onto the dungeon on order to find your friends.

Images that sum up my game theme:


Disclaimer: Both images are ripped from Pinterest and used as a reference for this topic only, in no way do I take credit for making any of these :slight_smile:

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Amazing story draft!

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