CYOQ - Crash

Your single seat explorer draws a line in the sky over a world of rock, small green meadows and dense swamps glowing with blue light. All of a sudden you hear a thump. The ship looses altitude. You call a mayday but instead of base base camp your only response is static. The ground below grows closer. You aim for the softer swamps but the ships controls are sluggish, barely responding. Flaps deployed you come to a screeching stop as you are wedged between an opening in the rock formation. Shocked but alive you open your cockpit. As the noises of the unfamiliar wildlife echoes around you, one thing becomes clear; you will not survive for long here. You need to identify what was jamming your radio, get to higher ground, and call for a rescue before night fall.

Happy to be doing this again. Last time I tried this coding this adventure I got stuck making it too complicated. This time I’ll finish it!


I like it so far! I totally understand what you mean. My first try at this course was back before the update, and my project ended up being like 12,000 lines with an inventory and battle system before I finally accepted I bit off more than I can chew. Fingers crossed for the both of us to see it through!

Great description and a very striking title image. I’m looking forward to seeing the final game.

Thanks for the response and pep PowerHobo! (love the name btw) Nice to know I’m not alone :slight_smile:

Thanks David! Feels like I’m getting a boost to actually finish it now that people have seen it :wink:
Loving this community so far too!

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