CYOQ: Choosing Your Starter Pokemon

If you’ve ever played a Pokemon game, you have most likely had to make the difficult choice of choosing a starter Pokemon. Well, I’m going to take this idea and expand upon it.

You wake up on the greatest day of your life: the day you get your first Pokemon! Each Pokemon will have its own personality which affects what happens to the player as well as the situations and choices the player will have to make.

The goal of the game will be to beat the first gym leader. And yes, I said “beat”. There will be a total of 10 thrilling text-based battles for you to overcome.

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I love Pokémon games! Are you actually making this into a game?

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I haven’t fully decided. On one hand, it’ll be great experience and would be very fun to do, but on the other hand, I can’t really release it since I don’t own Pokemon and Nintendo isn’t very keen on fan games.

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That is true. Maybe make something on your own that is like the Pokémon games?