CYOQ Challenge: The Tale of the Satan Slayer

Game Theme: Medieval Magic-Type Theme
Image That Sums Up: (Slavery and War)

The Player, Mark.
The Goal: The King of Trycca, Ruthold Trycca was a merciless, greedy ruler. He would sacrifice his citizens for a few pieces of gold if he could. Things with The Kingdom Of War, Eastus were not going well. War was brewing up. Nadiu, the town closest to Eastus. That was where the war was going to be held. Ruthold was ready to make a deal with Eastus, to sacrifice Nadiu and it’s people in exchange for 2 months of Preparation time. That was when the Rebel Army of Trycca rose up. There were rumors that the Rebel Army was formed and was ready to overthrow Ruthold. Just 2 weeks before the war and the deal, in a single day, Ruthold and his army was defeated by the Rebel Army. But, Ruthold was not dead yet, he survived a blow to his head and went to the Secret Chamber, a chamber which contained a secret Treasure of the Trycca Family. There was a myth , The Trycca Family used to rule the Earth. They were so powerful, they conquered the Earth. The Ruler Of the Demons, The Devil of the Earth, The Ruler of the Earth, Satan was defeated by the King Of Trycca at that time, Tye Trycca. Tye was later defeated by a sickness. The Myth was actually the Truth. Tye sealed Satan in a ring which was introduced to him by The Saint of the Earth. That ring was the Secret Treasure of The Trycca Family. He was going to die soon. If he died, Satan would be free and most probably rule the Earth again. He threatened Satan by keeping his hand, which held the Ring, above the Holy Water given by the Saint of the Earth. If he died, his hand would fall into the water, and Satan would die. Satan was forced to obey him. Ruthold made a few deals with him. He said:
“I, Ruthold Trycca, 59th Ruler of The Trycca Kingdom, allow our family slave, Satan to heal me when necessary, give me as much of his power as I want, and power to summon him when I want, but when summoned, he can’t use his power unilt I allow him to.”, these words made him “The Dark Ruler of Trycca”. He defeated the Rebel Army, and went on and defeated Eastus. In a mere year, he conquered the Earth with his newfound power. The Present, 1 year later after Ruthold Conquered the Earth You are Mark, you are trying out to get in the army of Trycca, to get a position in the Earth. You receive a message,:
Dear Mark,
We want to let you know that we have selected you to get in the Rebel Army, formed 2 years ago in the Old Trycca. We have seen you do wonders in the training camp for the Tryccan Army. Your Skills are necessary for us to win against Ruthold and the Satan. We know that our identity can be discovered if you report us to the Tryccan Army, but this is a chance for you to make yourself a part in the Freedom Movement of Trycca. If you want to enroll in the Rebel Army, meet a guy in red hood in the closest Alley to your house, 3 days from now.
The Co-Leader of the Rebel Army of Trycca,
You quickly agree to enroll, and only a day is left before you meet the guy in the alley. Prepare yourself, for you are going to be a key in the door to Freedom…

Note: I will most probably post the code or the game in my account once it is completed, so I hope you look Forward to it. It took me some 2-3 hours to come up with this story, so It is rushed, but I will update it as I go on. xD
The story was inspired by Rift(Game)


This sounds cool, I’m looking forward to see how it progresses :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply, I will upload the first screenshot of the UI soon

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