CYOQ Challenge: Battle for Survival

Theme: Sci-Fi
Image that relates the story:

Player: Jack Talon

Story: It’s 9010, Civilization has greatly improved, androids and humans live hand in hand. Jack Talon, specializing in android engineering, works for the Decante Industries, which are the leading producers of androids. During a certain systems check of an android, one of Jack’s co-workers accidentally releases a malicious piece of code into the android, which then starts attacking everything indiscriminately, while also sharing the data to other androids and increasing chaos. Now it’s upto Jack and his co-workers to figure out a way to stop this havoc.
3 Different outcomes:

  1. Create an anti virus and stop the commotion.
  2. Destroy the androids.
  3. Disable the shared server and render the androids useless.
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That’s an interesting idea. I like it!

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