CYOA: Road to Nowhere


---------------------------Game Title: Road to Nowhere--------------------------------------------
Player: Robert, Male, 44, Investigative-Journalist who reports on unsolved 
crimes, disappearances and other such phenomena.

Game_Theme: Old abandoned country road, in the middle of nowhere.

Robert has awoken at 3am at the wheel of his car on an empty road 
in the middle of nowhere. His car has been wrapped round a tree, off the 
side of the road and it appears he has been there for sometime before 
coming to. Aside from a number of cuts and bruises, Robert has a 
huge gash on his right arm that is bleeding quite badly.

 - Find something to stop the bleeding.

Robert notices camera equipment in the back of the car, but his cameraman, 
Joseph is no where to be seen.

 - Investigate scene for clues as to what happened to Joseph (and also 
find him, preferably alive).

Robert has no recollection of the car accident or the events leading up 
to the accident (why were they on this road to begin with? They must have 
been on an assignment to investigate some mysterious happenings).

 - Investigate how and why the crash occurred. 
 - Work out what Robert & Joseph were out to investigate. Could it be linked 
to the crash?. 

 - Find your way to the nearest town and call for help.

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