CYOA - Post Apocalyptic

What is your game theme?

Post apocalyptic

Today is your 18th birthday; the day that you have looked forward to for as long as you can remember. You are finally old enough to be allowed to leave the safety of the hole in the ground you have called home for so long.

It’s not just by chance that you will be venturing “outside” today, but for rite of passage. Survive your first full day and night outside to earn your spot in the ranks of the Runners - a group of men and women that risk their lives to explore and scavenge this dangerous world for anything and everything to help keep the community alive and healthy.

Image to sum up the game theme:

Who is the player?

You are one of the few young adults from your community with the drive and bravery do dive into this unforgiving world head-on.

What is the goal?

To survive!

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