CYOA Game Design - Santa's

You are an elf in Santa’s workshop, trying to assemble a complicated toy for some nerdy kid…and everything goes wrong.
Goal: Successfully assemble the toy with little to no consequence in time for Christmas!



Only 12 coding days left until Xmas! :smile: :santa:

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Lol, I’m clumsy and can make some big mistakes, so this sounds hilariously awesome, to me.

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Thanks! I actually just finished it! You can play it here:

The font is a bit difficult to read tho lol…

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I liked it. The text is a little difficult to read, but it’s legible enough, for this project. I loved the instant confusion, as I started–big words that I can’t tell if these are real words or not lol. I also must comment… Gingerbread Ramen. Haha. I believe I read that part right.

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Yeah, you read it right :joy:

I realized how difficult the text was to read after I uploaded it. I changed it but I just haven’t re-uploaded it. Thanks! I completely made up the terms at the beginning. I tried to make them sound just real enough to be true but still ridiculous.

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