CYOA Game Design (Roach Story)


Realistic game theme.

Who is the player?
A (slightly more intelligent) roach.

What is the setting?
A big city’s sewerage.

What is the threat?
The city’s pest control team (CPCT).

What is the goal?
To find an safe exit to surface.


looks great! do u have any successes in it? It looks so cool! So real and…. terrified… Br, I hate these bugs so much. What I saw in the picture looks like a bed bug! I think last year my mum had them in her apartment. I think she asked all her friends, family, and the last what she was doing was searching for info on the Internet. For example, very useful for her was this page with info about bed bugs, and so on. I am sure you will have success in this deal bro! Do you have any updates? Some news about the release? It will be cool if you answer me! I will wait! My mum are still searching for not-expensive solution, so I think you can help her! World will become better if everyone help each other. Wish u good luck!

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