Theme: Fantasy

Setting: Fantasy and Magic meets Militarization is a period that highly resembles our own worlds history near WW1.
( Old German Rifles that fire magic bullets and magic energy shields), More specifically this moment in time takes place at a magic training facility for military personnel.

Player: Elias, female, 20 year old. Your a magic combat infantry recruit that has just recently entered the military mage academy.

Its just your typical day of a mix of combat training , magic practice, and traditional classes. You are awoken late at night to the sounds of blasts gunshots and explosions. The base must be under attack! You suspect that it must be the Dark Elves assaulting the city.

Goal: Everything is in chaos and students are being killed. Fight your way out of the academy and escape to the teleportation array that’s located in another tower that is not to far away.

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