CYOA Challenge: Zombie Survival

So, regarding the game theme, I was thinking of what kind of scenarios are good for choices and dilemmas, and thought that a survival theme was a good choice. In this aspect, I started to think of a Zombie Apocalypse scenario, and thought that the choices the player would have to face could really make him think what was the best choice, choices regarding life or death.
I found this image on Pinterest that really captures what I want to go for, a lone soldier, cautious, and that thinks before he acts. Credits to the artist are down there.

The player is the soldier in question, who’s heard about a protection camp in one of the outskirts of the city, and has to get there. The choices and situations that leads him there are up to the player.
Goal is to get to the protection camp, maybe even not alone. We can have various endings to the story, all related to the choices of the player.

I’m hoping this turns out well, and reading about the lectures, I’m also going to post it, so wish if any of you read this, that you’ll get to enjoy the adventure and hope you get a good ending.

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