CYOA Challenge: Please, Let Me Sleep!


Game theme: A girl suffering insomnia tries desperately to find a way to sleep. She’s been awake for 5 days in a row and she thinks this could be her last night alive.

Main character/player: A 18-25 year old girl who suffers insomnia. Her insomnia disorder comes from a day she witnessed a murder when she was only 10.

Goal: Falling asleep


Absolutely terrific theme, I love it. I would advise adding something with the disorder of her dreams, maybe recurring ones. I think you can add a great combination of dream and reality events. They complement each other and it’s true. There is an opportunity to choose a huge number of scenarios. I just recently dreamed about how I tamed a wild horse and it was somehow strange for me. But here in the article about dreaming horses I found out that this suggests me to carefully solve my problems. Actually, you can take a lot of ideas here, or even consult with a professional in this field. The idea is cool…