Cyclical references killed my entire project

So Godot does not like circular references. If your main scene is part of a circular reference it corrupts the project and makes the scene un-openable.
The Godot dev’s say this is not a bug. But it sure feels like one.

Don’t try and test your scene by having Scene A load Scene B which then loads Scene A.
[4.0 RC 1] Can’t switch to packed scene that was started in using change_scene_to_packed #72921**

Trying to manually load new scenes to toggle back and forth between two scenes fails #83079**

A better method is described in this article.


Probably considered an unhandled exception more than a bug. Thanks for posting this =)

Fortunately, I don’t think your project is sunk for good. .tscn is short for “text-based scene;” if Godot won’t open your scene to let you fix the error, open the file in Notepad or something and you can comment/fix the offending lines there.

Hopefully you already knew about this and your own project is actually fine now, but if this note helps other people too, even better.


Thanks for taking the time to explain this - much appreciated. It was not mentioned in the posts I linked, or in any of the documentation I read. I hope this helps others in the future.

@GameDevTV - if you are updating this course. Please consider adding a note about cyclical references preventing Godot from starting a project would be valuable. This error caused me to delete my project because I didn’t know how to fix it, causing me to lose 2 weeks of effort and motivation to complete the course.


Ohhhh man. That’s brutal. I hope you come back to it sometime soon, as it’s a solid course that you had some awful luck with (I’m pretty sure it was Kaan who explains the text-based scene thing - either him, or Bram in the 3D course. Maybe both). If you run into critical problems like that again, don’t be afraid to leverage the community either; there are people here who are more than happy to help you succeed =)

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I just thought of something; these days, there are some pretty sophisticated ways to recover lost files. If you’ll pardon the expression, you have nothing to lose at this point; why not have a look through this and see if there’s anything that might help you recover the project:

And if you’re not on Windows, more relevant results are a search away.

Thanks BH67, I did recover the files, but editing the scene files did not work. Just resulted in parsing errors. This is a known problem in Godot, hence the reason I posted links to the Godot Github and to a work around using a main background scene that manages smaller scenes.

Yes, you are right, the GameDevTV courses are quite good. I appreciate the effort that has gone into them.

Thanks for the assistance.

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@BH67 - thanks for the insight. I got it to work.
For those who follow, I ended up doing the following steps for each scene in my project, try the scene (failed), and edit it in notepad++, try again. (I did not have to close Godot)

Cyclical scenes - debugging…

  1. The load_steps parameter is equal to the total amount of resources (internal and external) plus one (for the file itself). If the file has no resources, load_steps is omitted.
    [gd_scene load_steps=9 format=3 uid=“uid://dvw6o6awi5qa8”]

  2. Find the offending scene and note the UID number
    … id=“2_3k727”

  3. Delete all instances of this UID (delete the * lines below)

  • [ext_resource type=“PackedScene” uid=“uid://dassgucjmy1v5” path=“res://Levels/levelC.tscn” id=“2_3k727”]

    [node name=“LevelA” type=“Node2D”]
    script = ExtResource(“1_7708q”)
  • next_level = ExtResource(“2_3k727”)
  1. Reduce the load_steps by the number of resources deleted (1 in this case)
    [gd_scene load_steps=8 format=3 uid=“uid://dvw6o6awi5qa8”]
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Congratulations! That’s fantastic! ^v^

Definitely bookmarking this in case I ever encounter corrupted files or whatnot.

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