Cycles Render Testing

I decided to do some render testing today just to see how Blender 2.80 stacks up against Blender 2.78c. The results were quite enlightening. Thought I’d drop them in for those of us who are fans of using the cycles rendering engine.

correction: the image shows my GPU has 16GB of RAM but it only has 8GB

the biggest shock was the change to how samples are working in 2.80, that is the actual samples are the square of what you put in the field.

@Michael_Bridges, I know you’re probably in the middle of redoing the Chess Set sect right now but wanted to draw your attention to the change in case you are planning to visit cycles in the Animated Lamp or Fluffy Bunny sections for the 2.80 content. :slight_smile:

My Blender 2.78c Test Results

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