Cycles Render Material problem

Up until this point, I’ve been able to keep up with everything. But for some reason, I am unable to see the materials in Cycles Render for this lecture (207 Using Bump Maps). Please see the two examples, one of which is in Blender Render, the other in Cycles Render.

  • I have seen materials in other lectures for Cycles, so yes, I can use Cycles.
  • Yes, I UV Unwrapped the image.
  • Yes, I turned on Nodes.
  • Yes, I have a light source.
  • Everything, light, mesh, etc., is on layer 1.
    Any ideas why I cannot see the materials on my mesh in Cycles Render? I can’t even see the results of the brick or noise texture nodes.
    I do see it working on the Materials Preview, just not the rendered viewport shading.

Not sure, what you are trying to do. BUT! Blender render and Cycles render are two different methods. Each has it’s pro’s and con’s. They work also differently!
You can not build material and ligthing in Blender Render. And then switch on Cycles to have it work in Cycles.
For cycles you need to build materials (image, bump maps) in the Cycles way.

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