Cycles - Out of memory error

After spending time getting CUDA set up, turns out GPU doesn’t seem to work for me. Even on the startup file with a single cube, it runs out of memory before it even finishes uploading the basic geometry and shaders. No tiles are rendered. I have a MacBook Pro with Nvidia GT650M with 1GB of dedicated video RAM. I would have thought that was enough for a simple scene, but apparently not.

Anyone else using an older MacBook Pro who got it working and has any suggestions?

I’m using macOS High Sierra.

Update: I just noticed that the amount of memory used is only 73.35MB. Maybe it was trying to allocate something really large, but I’m not sure if I can figure out how much it requested. But it seems weird. Maybe there’s a bug in the driver.

What I’ve seen in discussions on various other forums is that the GPU on this machine wouldn’t be good enough in any case. Would still like to see it work, though.

Well it was the Nvidia driver I installed. Switching back the built-in driver fixed the issue. So clearly the driver doesn’t work with other macs very well, at least for CUDA.

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