Cycle Wheel Section 1

Evee Looks good, but cycles makes it look like I used smooth modifier

Cycles looks better, but had to switch key, and fill lights to area. There was no indication of illumination, so found switching the light to area light all together really helped. In other words cycles is inherently produces darker light.


I think it’s not so much that the lamps produce different amounts of light as that Eevee just ‘fakes’ the lighting (and most everything else). As for adjusting the strength of a light in Cycles, did you turn on Use Nodes?

Your Bike Wheel is really nice!

Default values for light objects in cycles in general is really small…

Don’t be afraid to go higher than 300…
Depending on the scene sometimes you can go crazy high actually, I have watched a blenderguru video where he makes the filament of a light bulb 15k…

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