Custom Macro not appearing in "MyBlueprint" shortcut list


Following Crystal Cavern’s “Macro Library” chapter and my custom macro folder doesn’t seem to be populating in the shortcut’s list. I asked on the discords but figured I might as well post here as well.

A couple minutes later I decided to look at the Blueprint editor documentation and saw that macro’s could be found via “search” and my custom macro appeared. I’m using UE 5.3 is this an issue with 5.3 or is there some way for me to fix this, I’ve already restarted my program with no success.

Thank you

I’m not sure what you mean by “shortcuts list” but searching for Macros in the context menu is the usual way to go. If I do understand what you’re asking then you may have forgotten to set the category for the specific Macro in your library.

My category is set, but it’s still not showing. I deleted the macro in the graph as well on the left in the list. If I search for it, however, it shows up under ‘utilities’. It’s there, but the categories don’t seem to work as described in the video.

Hmm… After posting I spammed ‘save’ and it suddenly popped up in BP_Crystal. Must have been a saving/compiling issue. I had hit ‘compile’ and ‘save’ before, but if in doubt maybe glare menacingly at your computer screen while smashing ‘save’ and then it’ll work.

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