Custom Gen Textures

I made a couple generated textures by adding and adding and adding (At some point it doesn’t make much of a difference, but I did like how the modulo calculations turned out when combining waves and voranoi):



Insane stuff :smiley:

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I can only hope that at some point I can animate some of these procedural textures moving back and forth on each other – without creating each individual slide. :smile:


You just need 2 keyframes dude! :smiley:
(Unless I misunderstood what you want)

Maybe you didn’t. I was thinking something similar to the last texture I posted with the cracks and waves moving in reverse direction (or at least seeming to), cracks getting larger coming forward and waves getting smaller with more waves moving back or maybe better just have the everything come forward with new cracks appearing between the waves with waves within them when the keep coming forward.

I’m not sure what I would use it for, but it seems kind of interesting to try. If it’s a simple as having a couple keyframes that’s great. I admit I haven’t experimented too much with animation yet. That’s pretty exciting to hear.

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