Curves Course

Having finished the lecture Bezier Splines I cant help but think there is more than enough potential for a curves course, even if its only a bite sized one.

This is my 5th GameDevTV course about blender now and we have used curves every now and then to make a path for the camera to follow (for example rotate camera around an object with path animations). We did however never render using curves. This is really interesting! Im definitely doing more research on curves after this course. I certainly would be up for taking a curves only course in the future.

Now that I think about it same thing holds true for the compositor. Just throwing both ideas out there, Im really curious what you all think about it :slight_smile:


Curves based idea is very different.
The compositor/video editor just got more updates so it might depend on whether that has got to some stable point and not about to have more added. But I think it needs doing.

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I personally think curves are perhaps the most powerful thing you can work with in Geo Nodes. The ability to take a curve and turn it into a surfacem then a solid mesh either by extruding to using radii and a profile means you can pretty much model anything you can imagine.
Thats why the Tree Generator section was added as a last minute project. i wanted to show off the power of curves with something a bit more complex then grass.


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