Cursor over non walkable terrain

Hi guys, I have a terrain with non-walkable areas (mountains, rivers). I want a cursor to change its appearance when the mouse is over these areas. So far, I have managed to do that at the edge of the map and the static objects (buildings, trees). However, I am still trying to figure out how to do that over the terrain. I could fit game objects with the colliders over these areas; however, I belive there must be a better and easier way. Any ideas?

I believe this is covered in a later lecture. Non-walkable areas of the terrain are parts where the navmesh didn’t generate. We do a NavMesh.SamplePosition (iirc) to determine if the terrain can be walked on. The navmesh bake settings allow you to specify slopes, etc. to prevent it from generating in these areas. If you want to explicitly remove parts, you have to put colliders on them. The navmesh stuff has changed, though, and the new stuff may make it a little less crude

Thank you for your reply. I founded topic that solves my issue.
Problem solved.

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