Cube Unwrap - Marking Seams

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For a brick wall I found the best way to mark seams is to mark all the edges for the top and bottom and one corner edge. That way you have a continuous island that follows the wall and only have to worry about lining up a single corner. As for the top and bottom try covering them up with another object like a floor or ceiling :smiley:

as far as making a cube texture that is probably true. And less confusing too. I thought i was starting to understand it until the cube example, then he just selected random edges and made them face the wrong way, he couldn’t complete his own challenge!

I think technically you would want to map a rectangle as 6 pieces in a texture though or else you’d be wasting space.

Thats what the challenge solutuion should have looked like but I’m still a bit confused.

I don’t think this is what a cube texture is supposed to look like anyway.

Actually I guess it is? Wierd tho you would think it would be a waste of data.

Actually it looks like my idea could be used to in this image:

Maybe the latter is because your texture sizes may be constricted to 512x512, 1024x1024, ect.

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