Cube, Cylinders and Cone and.... oh my!

I went a little off the beaten track with this one - it used the shapes and threw in a sphere as well to create a make shift jack in the box… though I think the head might roll off!


I know what you mean, I ended up with bubbles even though there were three different shapes.
I used a SubSurf on it to see what it would look like, and I liked it so I spun the entire thing. Really trippy what you can get buy just messing around.

Your Jack in the box makes me think of Jack (from the TV) the way the hat is tilted.


Ooh! Really like the effect you’ve achieved with your bubbles! Completely agree - you can get so many different shapes by messing around with the settings!

Thanks, yeah I do enjoy just messing around with a shape till I like what I see.

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