Ctrl + alt + select isn't working

I can’t select edge rings… does this have something to do with emulating a 3 button mouse?

edit: I turned off 3 button emulation and still can’t select an edge ring using ctrl alt select

This can happen if it thinks the edge loop is broken in some way. This happened to me at lunch - realised I had duplicate verts that were messing it up. Removing duplicates helped.

Sometimes it seems to be really sensitive as to what part of the edge you select too.

these ctrl alt shortcuts don’t work on my mac but they do on my pc, which I will be on most of the course now that we are into cycle rendering… 2min on my pc compared to 9 on my macbook…

i can select edge rings without issue on the pc…

Hmm well I suppose it could be toggling Mouse Keys? I’ve done that a few times. If you push Option key five times it toggles something in the Accessibility system preferences.

Are you using Control or Command on your Mac? On a Mac the command key should be used instead of control i believe.

I’ve tried that as well… no dice… I’ve moved to my pc at this point…3 button mouse… dedicated gpu… but would be nice to get working for blender on the go

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