CSS Styling

I’ve noticed that the page is not all black. If you look carefully where you profile icon is, the “burger” icon for settings and the magnifying glass, there is a bar behind these which runs 100% screen width, which looks to be a very dark navy. Only spotted it today. The rest of the page below this is black. I think it may come from a style named “wrap” but only had a quick glance.

You’ve got some good eyes! That’s hard to spot.

Just checking the css, the background color is #1d1d21, whereas the rest of the screen is #1d1d1b.

It’s the d-header class that needs changing.

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hehe… I just happened to have the laptop monitor folder back on just the right angle and thought “ooooh, that doesn’t sit well with my OCD” :smiley:

Dangit! You cannot unsee what has been seen!

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ROTFL! It will now burn in your retinas for all of eternity… or until Ben or Sam find 5 minutes when they aren’t doing anything else to consider changing it… (either works for me! :smiley: )

I actually can’t see this? Is it still there? If not, could you mark this as solution?

This seems to have disappeared, not sure whether it was part of the changes Sam was making, but yes, looks to be resolved now.

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Just verified with Digital Color Meter on Mac, it’s resolved. Closing.

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