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I just wanted to ask something about importing assets.

When we import assets in our project that are from the unity store, we might get several csproj files.

Is it ok if we delete those? Do they serve any purpose?

(For example, I get NameOfAssetRuntime.csproj or NameOfAssetEditor.csproj)

Thanks in advance.

Why would you want to delete them?

In a normal C# project, these tell the IDE which cs files belong to the project (and where they are found on disk), and which references the project uses, and which build settings are defined, etc. Unity seems to do away with these because it manages these through other means, but I don’t see a reason to remove these. It may be fine if you do, though

I do not know if they get deleted if I delete the pack

Just to not have “garbage” files inside my project (even though I do not know if I build the project unity perhaps does not take them into account).

I don’t think Unity uses them. They use assembly definitions and folders to manage these. The .csproj files are used by Visual Studio and MSBuild

Thank you very much!!

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