CSGBox3D vs MeshInstance3D #godot

Why do we use CSGBox3D for the ground and MeshInstance3D for the player? (and not vice versa?) When do we use one versus other?

@1:15 If the instructor is saying that CSGBox3D is only good for prototyping, and that higher fidelity should be used for the final version, what are some drawbacks or limitations of using them in the final game (other than that they may not look as good)?

There’s a good bit on the docs about the csg meshes.

They can affect performance if there’s alot of complex mixes of them.


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Why are we using CSGBox3D for the ground and MeshInstance3D for the player again? Since the background are just blocks and the spaceship is more detailed, it seem to make more sense to have it the other way around?

My understanding is that the csg meshes are primarily meant for level prototyping and since the majority of the what were using them for are static meshes.

I think it could be used the other way around for a smaller project like this, but csg meshes behave like boolean meshes whereby each primitive can be subtracted/added to intersecting primitives creating new geometry.

Just creates more of an overhead for the engine I believe.

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