CrystalCavern Section

Hello, not sure this is the right place to do so, but here’s my version of CC after section.


This is so good! I am impressed!

Thanks, It’s appreciated.

I’m working on making the crystal carvern into a full game.

Ya, why not, with a lot of love it could be a great game. One could had power ups, different kind of ball and much more to make it into a nice game, good luck with that.

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Working on it!

totally impressed

Thanks a lot

Here my work, compare to you is a lazy one, but I guess I can do improve

By the way due to less of activity in this forum when asking. Im trying to seek for answer on my confusion of pure/impure functions, why we need it ? in which case (simple samples ?), will it hurt if we just try impure functions everywhere ?

How can I pass a value calculated in a Blue Print to another Blue Print ? let’s say, each time a crystal destroy, count it to a variable and pass to another Blue Print.

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I don’t think its more lazy, to me it looks very great, I like the art style and textures a lot, cool intro too, as for your questions I might not be the best guy in town to answer.

But at the end of the course I had the exact same question… and the best help I got was this

hope it helps.

Has for the second question, not sure I understand exactly what you mean, But to pass a value to another blueprint I would simply use a getter in corresponding actor.


These are cool. What course is this project for?

Unreal engine blueprint developer: learn visual scripting (Enrolled on Udemy site).

Thanks for your time, at least we are making communicate
So is that you meant we are going to cast a class then ask for it’s variable once it Public and casted to ?

Not sure if I should start a new topic or not, I have a question. I have my default gamemode set to the BP_GameMode created early on in the section. Default pawn class is the BP_PlayerPawn. Everything works great inside the editor, but when I package either development or shipping builds, it’s not firing up the BP_PlayerPawn. I get a standard first person camera with no physics and can basically fly around the map. Any ideas what simple thing I missed along the way?

EDIT: Based on some googling, I found a workaround. I had to set ‘GameMode Override’ on every level, then save and repackage. A forum post I accidentally found explained some versions of UE4 have issues with default project settings in some projects. Not sure if that’s the case, but their solution worked for me.

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Kevin, just curious, but I am also working on making crystal cavern into a full game. Did you do anything with it?