Crystal Cavern: Venture-Ball

I moved over to BP after doing some C++. I think this is the first course I should have started with for unreal since it is really putting things into perspective for me.

The game itself has 5 levels with 5 more planned out but not created:

  • Level One: Simple Get-Ball-Into-Hole game. Move the mouse to move the board. This will move the ball

  • Level Two: The same as level one, but now you use the keyboard to move the ball rather than using the mouse to move the board. A collectable crystal is introduced

  • Level Three: Holes and bridges are introduced. If you fall into a hole the game restarts. You must collect all crystals before being able to continue to the next level.

  • Level Four: A barrage of rocks are introduced to hinder the ball from easily making its way around the board. A moveable wall to add some flare.

  • Level Five: More moveable walls, but this time the ball has to avoid colourful cannons (red) or be forced to restart the level. End of level- the ball is lowered down by a platform to the next level…

The other “planned” levels would feature :

  1. moveable walls- move the player to different parts of the same level, some might crush the player (so the player has to time their movement according to the walls movement pattern), or become bridges
  2. the “move board” function of the first level to allow the player to manipulate parts of the game even while moving the ball with the keyboard
  3. some projectiles follow the player
  4. Some “Bad” crystals for the player to avoid
  5. pressure plates
  6. “Extreme Features”: the ball can shoot and pickup and move things.
    – but these are all “sunshine dream” features, niceties if I were to fill out this project.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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