Crystal Cavern (Course Section 2, No 34) - pointlight not working as intended

Hello there,
I just enrolled in unreal engine blueprint course in Udemy.
I’m at Crystal Cavern (course section 2, no 34) and running into problem to make the point light flickering as guided in the video.

The video mentioned about set in timeline for lerp location, lerp scale and light intensity.
From the video, the light should be flickering as set in timeline
However, what happened to me is it didn’t.
It just turned off when near the player.

How to fix? Any help and right direction would be helpful, Thank you in advance

Here the link of snapshot of my event graph and timeline

Sorry for the late reply, @DanM would you be able to help?

The UBP course is @Tuomo_Taivainen

Oops, sorry, didn’t know that!

Hi there!

Try setting the intensity on your PointLight to a higher initial value. I suspect it’s actually working but because intensity is so low you aren’t seeing the effect. (I copied your code and I could see the pulse VERY subtly).